pot a tank urns in different sizes together


Proudly Australian Designed and Manufactured

Skycore is proud to announce the launch of the all new Pot-A-Tank range.

Potatank is a stylish self watering series of feature urns for the home or office.

Each urn is also a water storage tank giving you adequate supply of water to:

  • Wash your vehicle
  • Water the garden
  • Top up fountains, ponds & pools
  • Supply pressure wash units

Phone: +61 3 9397 6644 or email: enquiries@skycore.com.au for further details.


Pot a tank and the Zudeco™ range of superior home décor products includes light weight durable furniture, planter, bowls, water feature and fountain bases, water tanks and designer self watering urns.

Australian designed and engineered, the Pot a tank self watering urns and bowls are light weight yet extremely robust and strong. Ideal for high traffic areas, schools shopping centres and public areas.