pot a tank urns in different sizes together

Zudeco™ Contempo bowl

Wow….a world first and proudly Australian. The versatile contempo bowl by Zudeco has many practical applications.


Planter / Bowl – Plant directly into the bowl to create a contemporary show piece

Herb planter – An optional herb planter insert is available. The insert creates a self watering herb planter. You can go away on holiday and not have to worry about watering your valuable herbs, they will take care of themselves.

Water feature / Fountain reservoir – By simply placing a standard 400 x 400 or 600 x 600 paver onto the upper surface of the bowl you can place your urn, statue, pot or sculpture on top of the bowl to create a perfect, aesthetically pleasing water feature base. The base of the bowl comes complete with 3 x brass ¾” threaded ports for easy connection of pumps, taps etc.
Size: W1195mm x H389mm
Reservoir capacity

Zudeco..the brand above all others when it comes to top quality, high end, Australian designed Light weight, bright coloured contemporary furniture, urns, bowls, herb planters and planters designed in Australia by Australians. Wholesale only.

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